There’s almost always something going on in the Meta Family, and this is where you’ll find all you need to know about the Events we have coming up.


2021 was a challenging year for us all and we were unable to connect with you as well as we would have liked. Moving through 2022, we are excited to be able to host live in-person events again, following the restrictions seen over the past couple of years when we were all forced to move to online platforms. 

Our Meta events are open to everyone and we are planning a series of both in-person and virtual events, so keep an eye on this page to find out what is happening and when. Email me at to reserve your place at our events, or with any questions you have in advance.


We’re delighted to announce that we will be running a new META LEADERS NETWORK event in October this year. We’re giving you plenty of notice as we know just how busy you Meta leaders out there are just now. 

The title of the workshop will be ‘BUSINESS AS UNUSUAL’ – and will be an opportunity for leaders to discuss their experiences of business and work-life post pandemic. What business challenges have you been facing post-Covid? How’s the experiment in hybrid working going in your organisation? How has it been to be a leader in these unusual times? Meta Leaders Network events are a great chance to meet like-minded leaders, share knowledge, best practices, and have time to think and reflect on things you probably don’t normally get time to do in your working day. 

Register your interest now by emailing


Can you believe we’ll have been running our flagship Journey to Mastery personal development programme for 20 years? With everything that’s been going on recently, our flagship course is more relevant and important than ever and we will be arranging new JtoM events again this year. The Journey to Mastery is a truly transformational programme – so if you’d like to come along to our forthcoming events or want to sign up a friend/work colleague or family member to come, then contact Jo directly.


If you have been thinking about joining our flagship Journey to Mastery programme and would like more information, please see below for an overview. You can also download our 2020 Journey to Mastery Awakening Brochure for more information about the programme and contact for our forthcoming dates. We look forward to welcoming you on the Journey which has helped so many of our Meta friends and family fulfil their excellent best in both professional and personal lives. Don’t just take our word for it, here is what some of our lovely Journey attendees have to say about the programme:

“Coming on JtoM gave the confidence & belief to apply for a new role in my organisation that I wouldn’t normally have applied for and.. I got it!”

“A unique learning experience that is life changing.”

“The JtoM course has equipped me with the leadership tools to deal with the ever changing & demanding nature of the leadership role I am in.”

If you’ve been on the Journey, you know what a magical, transformational, development process it is. And now it is even better than it was before! The updated Journey now has more emphasis on professional leadership skills, as well as the personal development and coaching side, so you can take all your new excellent skills back to your organisation to share with the team and implement in the workplace.

It is a truly great way to develop your leaders and people of potential. Maybe you have someone you’d like to see grow and blossom, both professionally and personally. Maybe you have a star in the making, who might need improved communication or influencing skills, or a talented individual who needs to boost their confidence and develop their leadership skills. Maybe this is YOU!  Let us help you with  our powerful programme, an eight-day Journey which can change your whole life ahead and now includes new topics such as the biochemisty of stress, and tools on working smarter not harder.

If you have missed it this time don’t worry, as we run taster days too, and we are always here for a chat to see how we can help you and your organisation directly. Contact to find out more, check out the video testimonial below.