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At Meta we are on a mission to change the world. We’re helping organisations into a more effective, smarter way of working, one that really harnesses the potential held within their workforce. The old models of business just aren’t working any more and so we’re here to give a more practical and down to earth approach, based on our study and research in the field of excellence. As a consultancy that works in all three sectors (Corporate, Public and Charitable/Non-Profit) we have a unique viewpoint of best current working practice and we’re here to help you on your journey to excellence in the hybrid working era.

If you’re a busy executive with just a few moments to spare, then in a nutshell: We are a company that specialises in helping organisations, teams and individuals to perform at their best. It’s time to stop working so hard and start working SMARTER. We have proven tools, techniques and ways of working that help you to be more efficient, deliver more effectively and develop a culture that fosters excellence. The workplace of the future is here today, we can help you and your organisation to truly embrace that future.

Your organisation is a living system; your people, your leaders are what make that system work. It’s time to invest in your people, develop your leaders, upgrade your culture and implement smarter working practices so that your organisation is future fit and thrives in these challenging times.


We have all been involved in a mass experiment in changing working practice. Almost every organisation will have some sort of hybrid working regime now, and yet every organisation will be slightly different in their implementation of it.

Hybrid working impacts everything in an organisation: you have to adapt how you work, how you collaborate, how teams work together, how the organisation functions, how to lead your people, and your organisation. To thrive you have to embrace smarter working practices, you have to equip your people, your leaders most importantly, with the skills they need to work in the 21st Century hybrid workplace. 

Every great scientist knows you can’t just let an experiment run and run, you need to re-assess, re-evaluate, learn from what did and didn’t work, in order to improve the likelihood of a successful outcome to your experiment.

Now we’ve been running the experiment for a while, it’s time to focus on making that experiment really work for you and your organisation. If your organisation is to thrive, you need resilient, smarter working leaders and leadership teams, who understand how to work together in the new structures and working practices of the hybrid working era. Now, more than ever, we need to give your workforce, your people, the tools they need to be the best that they can be – that’s where Meta can help you. 

We have been in business for over 20 years now, and we use the latest scientific research in smarter working practices and cutting-edge leadership thinking, with practical and easy to apply tools that will enable your people, your teams, and your leaders to create an organisational culture which breeds success by any measure. 


Organisational resilience is a serious risk to every business, perhaps the greatest risk – and your organisational resilience depends upon your people. 

At Meta we’ve been researching smarter working practices for over 20 years. We understood, earlier than most, that the way we were working wasn’t sustainable, that we needed to develop a new way of working. ‘The Resilience Toolkit’ is a programme developed through working with frontline organisations during the pandemic. It is a programme of development which brings together the very latest scientific research, and simple-yet-practical tools which enable everyone who attends our training to re-build their resilience, combat stress, and work smarter not harder. 

As we move into the hybrid model of working, we need to make sure that our people have the tools they need to be more effective and efficient in their working practices, be they working from home, at the office, or a combination of both. The reality is that workloads are not getting any less, that important projects will still need to be delivered, and business plans will always ask for more, from less. So, we need our people to be performing at their very best, wherever they are working. We know that, with our ‘Resilience Toolkit’, we have a programme that will equip your leaders and your staff with a personalised resilience toolkit that will help them to work in a smarter way, enable them to be more effective, work more efficiently and improve their productivity. 

We believe we have something special here, and it’s something we’d like to share with you and your organisation. If you’d like to find out more you can download the programme outline HERE.


We have developed a new type of leadership development programme, one that embraces the needs and demands of the hybrid-era organisation. 

We have been working in organisations in all three sectors, to help leaders and leadership teams over the last few years to  adapt to working in the hybrid-era. Many organisations have been unable to invest significantly in their leader’s development in for many, many years. The result is that many leaders are close to burnout and leadership teams are just not equipped to deal with the increased pressures, demands and needs of the modern hybrid-organisation. The cracks are starting to appear, so that’s why NOW is the time to invest in the leaders of your organisation. Give them the tools and skills development they need, and more importantly the organisation needs, in order to thrive. 

Each leadership development journey we create is tailored uniquely to fit your organisational needs. There’s no template, no ‘off the shelf’ package – we work with you to get your leaders (whatever their level) to where you need them to be, equipped with a Meta leadership toolkit that enables them to excel as leaders in the 21st Century workplace. 

We love to do what we do. We’re passionate about making a difference and supporting leaders and organisations in the challenging times we are facing. We truly believe that now is the RIGHT time to be investing in your leaders, and getting clear about how you want your organisations to be in the future. If you are curious and want to find out more about the ‘Resilience Toolkit’, or ‘Leading in the Hybrid-Era’, then please do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you. You’ll find our contact details in the ‘contact us’ section.

We hope you enjoy our website and we hope to hear from you soon,
In peace,

 Jo and Di x

CEO & Director of Leadership