What we do


At Meta we are committed to making a difference in the world. Where do we spend most of our time now? We spend most of our time at work. So Meta is on a mission to change the way people work, so we can change the world for the better.

We believe everyone can love their work and their workplace; and feel energised and happy at work so they want to give their best. It’s not rocket science – it’s common sense! We have been working with organisations for over 20 years,  creating and developing practical ways of enhancing the culture and giving businesses the tools they need to make the workplace somewhere the people and the organisation can both thrive, as opposed to just survive; and deliver, not dither.

In a moment, we will look at the seven key areas in which Meta can help with this. But we appreciate time is precious and, if you’re in a hurry right now, you might like to download our two principle brochures to read later. One focuses on Staff and Team Development, the other on Leaders and Leadership. Click on the brochure names below to download them immediately as PDFs.

Meta Staff & Team Development brochure

Meta Leaders & Leadership Team development brochure

If you have time now, allow us offer you a brief introduction to the seven key areas where Meta can help you and your organisation reach excellence in both performance and results – after all, the two go hand-in-hand.

First though, a little about how we do (and don’t!) do what we do…

We don’t do ‘off the shelf’ development programmes, and we’re not in the habit of over proposing for work. Rather, we co-create with you a uniquely-tailored development journey which helps you and your organisation achieve the outcomes you desire, with as little intervention from us as possible. Our only ‘agenda’ is that you and your organisation get to where you want to be as quickly and efficiently as possible. 


Does your leadership team really work as a team?

Within organisations it is often (but not always) the leadership team which is the most dysfunctional. If you want your organisational teams to work well together, it all starts at the top. We have years of experience in working with leadership teams at the top table, and helping them to work more effectively together to the benefit of the whole organisation.


Do your leaders lead, or are they just managers managing the status quo? How do you get consistency in results and tailor the training to the individual leader?

We call our leaders leaders, but are they actually leaders, or are they managers? The main difference between a leader and a manager, is that a leader inspires people to follow them and their example, whereas a manager has people working for them and tells them what to do.

A successful business needs both, but with the flattening of structures in organisations, now more than ever we need our leaders to lead well. We believe we have a unique approach with our leadership development programme, based on our own extensive research (both practical and academic), and which ensures you get the most from your leaders as an organisation, while also helping them to become the inspiring forces of excellence they aspire to be.


Are your staff passionate about the organisation and workplace? Do they feel properly valued and want to give their best?

Culture is the most ‘intangible’ and yet essential marker of an excellent organisation. It doesn’t matter how good your processes, systems and organisational structures are, if your culture does not allow people to thrive. Having worked successfully with some of the top 10 organisations in the ‘Sunday Times Top 100 Places to Work’, we can help you develop your company to be the place that everyone wants to work, and create a culture which enables everyone to perform at the top of their game.


Do your staff teams and departments work together effectively? Do they collaborate to produce the best results?

In today’s streamlined organisational structures, now more than ever it is essential to improve team effectiveness. No longer is it possible for an organisation to work in silos, there just isn’t the capacity anymore to support that model. The future is cross-functionality. Over the last 15 years we have developed a unique approach to team development, based on our own extensive research (both practical and academic), which guarantees improved teamwork and an enhanced cross-functional style of working which will enable your organisation to maximise its performance.


Do you feel like you’re working too hard? Is your work-life balance completely out of kilter? Has stress become a normal part of your working life?

Right now, most people in organisations are working harder than they ever have, but are they working smarter? And what does ‘working smarter’ really mean? It means ensuring the health and wellbeing of your workforce, so they improve their productivity and deliver the results your organisation needs. We have developed a practical toolkit of techniques, based on scientific principles and research, which can help individuals and teams to work in a more natural way which decreases stress and enhances wellbeing, efficiency, and productivity.


Do you want to get the most from your top executives and leaders? Are you tired of being sent on just another leadership development programme? Want something tailored just to you?

It gets lonely at the top. With more and more pressure to deliver and less and less time for personal development, it’s no wonder that many top executives are crying out for some support, but don’t know where to turn.

Executive coaching can be hit and miss, but with 30 years’ experience of coaching top executives, in top organisations, Meta is an industry leader when it comes to helping to support leaders. We work with leaders at every level within your organisation, helping them to deliver on their potential and achieve true excellence in their roles.


Do you want to maximise your team awayday to be more than just another ‘out of the office’ planning day, and to be one which truly develops your team’s spirit? Do you want your staff conference to engage, motivate, and inspire your team?

Many teams and organisations are missing a trick by not utilising their annual team awaydays and staff conferences to their fullest. A team awayday is an opportunity to grow and develop your team so your staff are able to deliver in a more productive and effective way. Your annual staff conference is your yearly chance to engage, motivate and inspire your staff! At Meta we have a wealth of experience in working with organisations, from all sectors, to maximise their team awaydays and help create inspiring staff conferences which leave everyone with a real buzz.

Ready to discover more about what we can do for you and your organisation? Contact us for a no-obligation chat about our training programmes, and remember to download our brochures above for a more in-depth look at how we structure our training days.