WHAT’S YOUR VISION? What will the new decade bring for you?

At the beginning of a new year, a new decade indeed is a GREAT time to start thinking ahead, not just for this year, but for the decade ahead.

All too often we think short-term, tomorrow, the end of the week, until payday, by the end of the year. But when was the last time you thought about anything beyond the next year?

Life is a journey, so they say, and you know what? I like to think of it as an adventure too! The question is, what journey will you be taking in 2020 and beyond, where will you be headed?

I’m asking these questions because all too often one year just merges into the next if we’re not careful. If we don’t stop, reflect and think about what we really want, we just go with whatever we return to work to find is on our new to-do list (which isn’t often ‘new’, it’s just where we left it at the end of 2019!).

If life is a journey, then it’s important to make sure that you’re headed somewhere you actually WANT to go. If life is an adventure, then it’s important that you’re clear what type of adventure you’d like your life to be!

That’s why I’m inviting you to think about your future, there is no better time than now, the beginning of a new decade, to envision the future life you’d like to have and the future work you’d like to do.

So schedule yourself in some time to look at your future – do it now, go on, get into your online diary and pencil in some time. About 2 x 1hour chunks should do it (or at least be a good starting point).

It’s time to think beyond what’s feasible and start creating the space for what is almost certainly possible (which is pretty much anything if you put your heart and soul into making it happen).

Together we’re going to create a beautiful vision together – a vision of a new way of life and working. Imagine anything were possible, take away the restrictions and dare to dream.

So find yourself a space (perhaps the kitchen table, your sitting room floor, somewhere with a view), get the biggest bit of paper you can find (flip chart is ideal for this) and lots of colour pens, and start drawing. You can draw key words, phrases – draw pretty pictures, it’s your vision, you draw it however you’d like to! Don’t worry about getting it perfect, you can always re-draw it or ‘write it up’ (if you’re a perfectionist like me).

Then, with a cuppa or a glass of wine in hand (we’re no judgers here at Meta) answer any of these questions that appeal. They’re designed to stimulate thought, and provoke your heart, mind and soul to respond – you don’t have to answer all of them, just use them as a starting point.

MY VISION 2020-2030

In the next decade:

What key words will define life for you in this next decade?

What will you leave behind in the 00s?
What will you bring in that is new?

How would you like your life to be?
What would be in it?
How will you be feeling?
What adventures will you have?
What would you love to learn?
How would earn your living?
How would work be different?
What did you dare to do, that you wouldn’t dare do now?
Where will you be when the next decade begins?
How will you spend your time and who will your spend your time with?

In 2020-2030 – what will you achieve?
How will you grow?
What will make you feel special?

What will you have learnt and experienced?

These are just a few questions to start your vision, to start your thinking.
There will be plenty more as you begin to create your vision for 2020. As things pop into your head, add them in – this vision should be a living breathing thing, not a stale statement of intent.

Remember nothing is impossible – after all you’re all grown up now, not much you can’t achieve when you put your mind to it.

So Dream BIG.

Because when it comes down to it… as a favourite teacher of mine often says: “ALL IS POSSIBLE”.

We wish you an amazing 2020 and a magical, adventuresome decade ahead!

Jo Clarkson, CEO of Meta

About Jo Clarkson

Jo Clarkson is the CEO of Meta and a frequent writer of the Meta-Org.com blog.
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