Pooh was wondering what to do. All this self-isolation was beginning to get to him and, even though he had stocked up his store-cupboard of honey last time he’d been to the supermarket at Hundred-Acre Wood, he still felt unsettled and ill at ease.

It reminded him of another time when he’d been ill at ease – when he’d nearly caught the heffalump with Piglet. That was a scary adventure! But he’d done it with Piglet and it reminded him of how much he missed his friends.

“Oh bother!” said Pooh “I don’t like not seeing my friends – seeing them on Zoom is just not the same.” Just then Tigger called…

“Hello old friend!” said Tigger, as he bounced to and fro across the screen. “Hee hee hee! HOW ARE YOUUUUUU?” he said, as he bounced off his head and perfectly landed on his tail in his armchair. Tigger always had a big broad smile on his face and was perennially cheery – laughing and giggling and ho-ho-ho-ing!

Tigger really was a positive ripple in Hundred-Acre Wood. Getting a call from Tigger was always a highlight of anyone’s day.

“Well, to be honest…” said Pooh “I’ve been a little down on things these last few days, so I’m delighted to hear from you Tigger. Could you perhaps share how you keep so positive and happy in these challenging self-isolating times?”

Just then Piglet joined the call…

“He… he… hellooo??” Piglet sounded frail, and he struggled to get his video working, but finally he was there with his two best friends.

“Did I m-m-miss anything?” he asked bravely, whilst sipping his tea in front of the fire.

“Hallo Piglet!” said Pooh, “Oh gosh my little friend, it is SO GOOD to see you!”

“And you,” replied Piglet. “I was getting rather lonely and scared here by myself, but seeing your face has cheered me up no end!”

“Tigger was about to share how he keeps happy in these challenging times,” said Pooh to Piglet

“Oooh!” squeaked Piglet in excitement, “Please DO carry on and let us know Tigger, I’d love to find a way to keep positive, I do so struggle.”

“Helloooo Piglet!” said Tigger, as he bounced across the screen again, before sitting zen-like cross-legged on his sofa.

“Well, if you gather in, I shall begin…” said Tigger in his trademark lisp and fun-filled voice, “I find that when I’m not sure of things, there’s one thing I can always rely on…”

“Yeeess?” said Pooh, wondering what it could possibly be and wishing that Tigger would get on and share whatever it was.

“BOUNCING! Because that’s what Tigger’s do best!” And with that Tigger started bouncing, gently at first, encouraging Pooh and Piglet to join in with him, not in an exercising sort of way, but more a jolly dancing kind of way.

At first Pooh worried about his belly bouncing, but soon that turned into seeing how HIGH he could bounce, or how FAR across the room he could bounce and, before he knew it, he was smiling… and then that smile became wider and wider until he was laughing!

Piglet found it a struggle at first (him being a very small animal indeed), but soon he’d got the hang of it and was bouncing here and there and everywhere. Very soon he was feeling like he’d bounced himself out of his bad mood and was getting happier and smilier with every bounce

“Oh TIGGER, this bouncing is wonderful!” he exclaimed, whilst bouncing on and off his sofa and onto his bed.

“The secret is…” Tigger said mysteriously, “To keep bouncing until all you can think about is the next bounce… it’s meditat-tat-tat-tive. Just focus in on the bounce, and the ho-ho-ho and ha-ha-ha will surely come, because when you bounce there is only that bounce and the next bounce and the next – there’s no space for any negat-tat-ive thoughts.”

Pooh stopped bouncing and thought for a while… He found he had no thoughts, but a lot of happiness rushing around his body in ripples. He thought that what Tigger had said was probably very profound, very profound indeed – but all he could think of were the honey pots that were calling him from his store cupboard. His belly was rumbling in an ‘it’s nearly time for honey’ kind of way.

“Thank you Tigger. Next time I’m feeling down I shall remember to BOUNCE. But right now, if you don’t mind, my honey pots are calling me, and I’d like to fill my fuel tank (and my perfect bouncing belly) with delicious HONEY!”

“And I’m going to dig into my store of haycorns,” chuckled Piglet, whilst smiling and whistling a cheery tune to himself. “Goodbye dear friends!”

And with that they all left the Zoom meeting, Tigger bouncing off for his one-hour permitted exercise in the Hundred-Acre Wood, Pooh replenishing his fuel tank with much needed honey fuel and Piglet, well Piglet was just as cheered up and merry as he could be!

JC, after AA MILNE.

We’ve all got a friend who’s a bit of a Tigger and we all have good days and not so good days like Pooh and Piglet. I wanted to write something a bit different for this month’s blog, because extraordinary times call for different thinking and different approaches to this thing called life.

Am I advocating bouncing? Maybe… Give it a try (especially those of you who have young children) – you might find it makes you giggle and laugh like Pooh and Piglet. Mainly though, I’m reminding you that although we are self-isolating, we are not alone.

Now more than ever we should call on our friends and our support network. So who are your Pooh bears and Tiggers in your friends’ group? Who are the Piglets who perhaps need a bit of support in these trying times? Who are the Rabbits who are rushing around trying to get everything done and getting stressed in the meantime? Or the Eeyores who are feeling miserable and lonely but don’t dare ask for help?

We all need a pick me up and someone to talk to, it’s one of the keys to resilience and excellence – knowing WHEN to ask for help and when to reach out to support others and be supported ourselves.

The psychological effect of not being able to BE with people is a significant one too. We’re social animals, us human beings, and I’m sure like me you’re missing that social and physical contact side of your life right now.

So why not spend time in the coming month really re-connecting with your friends and support network? If you’re struggling, then reach out to the Tigger or Pooh Bear in your friends’ network. Or perhaps there’s a Piglet or Rabbit that needs a few calm and sage words of wisdom from you? We won’t know until we ask, and even if it’s been a while, most people will appreciate the fact that you’re checking in on them and that they were in your thoughts.

And remember that you’re absolutely a part of the META FAMILY too – and we’ll happily be your friend in your times of need – because that’s what family and friends are for!

Take care everyone!

We hope today’s blog has brought a smile to your face, I certainly enjoyed writing it!

Much love to you all,

Jo & Di xxx

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Jo Clarkson is the CEO of Meta and a frequent writer of the Meta-Org.com blog.
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