What we stand for

Our purpose for existing is to make a positive contribution to the growth and development of individuals, organisations and ultimately, the world.

We make this contribution by encouraging and supporting a way of working and living that makes individuals want to give of their best at work and in life.

In Work

We believe that the ways in which companies have traditionally worked no longer fit the requirements of today’s world.  Traditional forms of managing result in more meetings, longer hours, less time to think, greater stress and an overall loss of effectiveness.

We believe that work is a place which should allow people to be at their best and make a significant contribution – and that they should want to go to work on a Monday morning! Excellent organisations create that culture, and we help companies to move towards that level of excellence. We have researched the practical ways in which people can develop their ability to work smarter not harder, and make it easy for your people to enhance their working effectiveness.

We are here to make a positive and practical contribution to the effectiveness of other companies, through our work with their people. Our people focus is heartfelt, and we make contact with organisations and the people within them, with the belief that we are beginning a relationship with a potential new friend.

Meta is a value led organisation. We work to the ideals of excellence as well, and walk our talk. We actively put into practice those things we really believe in. That is not to say that these are necessarily fixed behaviours, but rather operating principles. We adapt the way we go about things as we continually learn and grow as an organisation and as individuals within it, and take that learning out into the work we do with customers.


We are in this business because we care passionately, and want to make a positive difference in the world. We genuinely want to be both helpful and inspirational whenever we work with you.

We live and work by a set of core beliefs about work:

  • Each of us is capable of making a positive contribution to the world, and of living a fulfilling life
  • Work is a key area where individuals can use their individual knowledge and skills for the benefit of themselves and others
  • Each of us is capable of learning and personal growth through the work we do, both as individuals and through co-operatively working with others
  • Working in a way that matches our own beliefs and values adds something to the world as a whole, and that work can be stimulating and fun, if organisations can be organised appropriately and individuals allowed and encouraged to develop their capacities
  • The goods and services needed in the world can be better provided through working in such ways, and that individual fulfilment can be achieved whilst serving the needs of others

We also apply general values to any work we do with you:

Customer focus: we are in business to help you, not to prove we are experts. All our work is geared to making a positive difference for you and your company

Integrity: we are honest and straightforward in our dealing with you, and believe in establishing our trustworthiness in all our interactions.

Befriending: we want to establish a relationship with you that feels like befriending and has no judgement, only genuine support.

Added value: we guarantee that your staff will find the work we do useful in other areas of their work and home life.


As part of the practice of our values, we have adopted a different system of payment for our work. What has frustrated us here at Meta is that often financial constraints stand in the way of true change, the real evolution of organisations we work with. We believe we know what will make a difference within an organisation and we are sure that what we propose will help you to effect sustainable evolution, but when the discussion around money comes in, often it can cloud that pure view, that pure intention. So we decided to establish the Meta ‘honesty pay system’. This system hopefully takes away the ‘awkwardness’ of financial negotiations. It gives you the chance to try Meta with no obligation, and see for yourself whether what we are offering really does work.

In it you are not obliged to pay for the work if you believe it did not live up to the outcomes agreed before the programme.

On the flip side, if you are happy with the work, we give you our standard fee for this type of work, and then leave it to you to pay what you feel is fair and possible for you. This way, hopefully, all organisations big, small, private or public get the chance to work with Meta at a rate that they can afford.


Meta is committed to making a difference in the world so we donate a percentage of our profits to charities.