Our Approach

Here at Meta we take a unique approach to helping you become excellent.

Working with you.

We work with organisations which we believe have a vision and intention that we can support and encourage. We engage with them as allies and friends and develop long-term relationships. We always intend to provide you with something useful, relevant and inspirational, and we engage with you because we want to encourage you to be even better in the way you work.

We want to make it easy for you to work with us. We are always willing to have a conversation with you. We see a telephone call or a meeting as an opportunity for us to build a relationship with you that we will both value.

We only offer our help if we truly believe you will benefit from our involvement.

We approach working with customers as a collaboration, and know that their area of expertise is what will work in their situation, whilst our area of expertise is helping them to find their unconscious wisdom, and put their ideas into real practice.

When designing and implementing any development, we apply the following operating principles.

Building on strength: We believe that when you build on the strengths you already have, you can make change happen more effectively – this is what we call organisational evolution.

Your solutions: Meta does not come to you with its own ready-made answers for improving your organisation; it comes with proven techniques and resources for helping you to tap into what you already have. Our belief is that any organisation and its people have the solutions, we just help facilitate so that those solutions can be found.

Holistic approach: Holistic means taking account of the whole and Meta works with you to ensure that whatever we do is ‘joined up’ with the rest of what is happening in your organisation. We make sure that your mission, values and vision are woven into any work that we undertake.

Making it fit for purpose: We make it fun, so people want to pay attention; we make it practical, so they can use it straight away; and we make it relevant, uniquely designed to suit your individual needs.

Common sense: We believe everyone has common sense, it is just not normal to use it. We therefore work to help you to tap into your own inherent wisdom, rather than just imposing ‘consultant solutions’.

Future orientation: We are interested in helping you to become more effective in the future, rather than exploring what was wrong in the past.

Useful resources: We bring techniques and resources, based on the study of excellence, to help you identify your own solutions and tap into your emotional intelligence.

Continuing support: We also stay available to you until you have your chosen changes ‘in the muscle’, i.e. we continue to offer you support and encouragement until you no longer need it, because the new behaviours have become habitual and automatic.